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“I have to go on a diet when I leave the Mansion, but I can't wait to come back!

— Nina Miller, Executive Director,
The Gibson Foundation

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Q & A : food preparation & menus

The Mansion offers the most romantic venue in Washington, D.C. for corporate events, retreats, weddings, banquets, parties and receptions. Every event -- even dinner for one -- is enhanced by our distinctive, sumptuous surroundings, superb service — and exceptional fine dining.

We offer formal and informal dining in all our 30 dining areas. Facilities are available for music and dancing, teleconferences, meetings, reunions, mitzvah’s, weddings, rehearsal dinners, christenings, anniversaries, or any reason you choose.

No request too large, no detail too small.

Q: Do I need to bring in my own caterer?

A: The Mansion is home to the finest chefs in the world. We have our own award winning in-house culinary team with extensive experience in all types of cuisine, including local, regional and international cuisine. Using farm fresh vegetables and fruits, organic meats, fresh from the net fish and Mansion-baked bread our chefs create unique, extraordinary, award winning meals and desserts.

Q: I have special dietary restrictions I need to accommodate for what should I do?

A: No worries! We understand you may need kosher-style, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, lactose free, low fat or other kinds of specialty foods and our chefs are equipped to provide delicious options that can be prepared for you and your guests right on-site! If you prefer you can bring in your own caterer.

Q: I need kosher food. Can you do that?

A: Yes we can! We can host a Glatt Kosher event or a Kosher-Style celebration. The Glatt Kosher events are more expensive, as you well know.

Q: I am a vegetarian but many of my guests are not, can we accommodate everyone?

A: Absolutely! Our chefs are world class, schooled in a variety of specialties, and some are even vegans themselves! They welcome the opportunity to put together creative menus to please many different palates at one time.

Q: Can I bring in my own caterer if I want?

A: Sure! If you want to bring in your own caterer, you can. The rental fee is $7,500, and includes the chef kitchen and the Club Floor. Additional fees will include our chef to supervise the kitchen and a Mansion supervisor on the floor.

Q: I don’t see menus on line. Why?

A: Each meal is a custom event. All of our menus are created to meet your palette, dietary restriction, taste and mood. Want a dinner from Japan, India, China, Hungary, Italy, England or France? You name it, we will create it! We work tirelessly with you to meet your budget without limiting your experience.

Q: I have never planned a meal for this kind of event is there someone at The Mansion to guide me?

A: Sure! Our complimentary event designer and event planner will guide you at no additional cost. In fact, we’ve provided the most creative menu choices available for events large and small, around the world, for nearly 30 years.

Q: Are there packages with sample menus?

A: No. We believe every event is special and unique and should reflect this in the menu. We customize each menu to meet your particular needs and personality. As for the menu, we can literally do just about anything—from international or regional cuisine to low-cost comfort food. There are no limits to what our chefs can prepare.

Q: How come everywhere else I have gone there are packages?

A: Because we are a private club and not affiliated with a chain we provide unique memorable – and customized -- experiences, tailored to your personality and budget. It’s something a pre-defined “hotel/event/rental/typical package” simply can’t match. Our philosophy is: serve the customer; we believe all of our customers are unique and should never be “packaged”

Q:I heard I don’t need to be a member if I hold my event on a Sunday/Monday. How would that work?

A: That’s true. Consider having your event on a Sunday or Monday and take advantage of our events already in progress for your menu. The dinnertini on Monday evenings includes both meal and drink, and you would only need to rent a private room for your party.

Q: Can I get a reference list?

A: We take your security and privacy very seriously at The Mansion, with a strict, no-tolerance policy of never sharing your personal information — even your name—with anyone, before, during or after your event, hotel stay and/or retreat.

Simply put, no one can reach you when you are here, unless they have a password (or your mobile information). If anyone comes to the door or calls for a guest/member/employee, and they do not have the password, they will be told “There is no one here by that name” or “There is no group here by that name.” No exceptions. What happens at The Mansion stays at The Mansion.

It is this philosophy, our superb service and spectacular venue that continues to make The Mansion the preferred venue for our many private and corporate clients as well as our hotel guests, for nearly 30 years.

Q: Can I see the kinds of food that might be served The Mansion?

A: We have created a gallery showcasing many of the kinds of food we have created. If you see something in the gallery you like, let us know. If you have an idea of your own, share it with us -- and we will be sure to include it in your personal menu.

Q: Everything sounds great but is there a way I can taste the food?

A: Our chefs hone their skills every week at our Sunday and Monday events. They never create the same food each week, so if you come for a month in a row you will find different delicacies to taste, throughout the world! These events are a wonderful way to sample the food, meet the staff and experience the magic of The Mansion. If you want us to prepare something special at one of those events for you to try, email your suggestions when you make your reservation (give us a few days for unusual food). While these events are open to the public, reservations are required and can be made online.

Did you know?

We had a guest ask for exotic foods from the tv show that highlights eating bugs and the like. We did it, although their waiter did not taste the leftovers!

Q: Is it better to have food on one floor or serve it throughout The Mansion?

A: There is no one particular way to handle an event at The Mansion. Each host has a different agenda (and budget) and almost everything works in this environment! The best parties tend to be those in which all 100+ rooms are rented by one group and each room is another culinary adventure. Since we are your event planners (working with us is a true partnership) we guide you into a balance between meeting your budget and enjoying the unique experience of The Mansion.

Q: Is it more expensive to do food stations?

A: Multiple locations require more staff and equipment, and thus cost more money. Again, we have found that when we spread out the festivities to several places within The Mansion, it makes the event more enjoyable since guests are more likely to mingle about, have an excuse to look everywhere --- and meet other people in areas that are more conducive to different conversations. You will never be bored at The Mansion!

Q: Is liquor included in your overall price?

A: Beverages are never included in your per-person cost, as we don’t know what you want to do, or how much your group will consume. You do have lots of beverage options, depending on your budget and beverage selection. Most guests select the hourly pricing, as this gives them a cap on what they guests drink, but some do a consumption bar, and many do a cash bar. Again, your budget is in your hands.

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