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It was a unique adventure and the best combination of mystery and memorabilia I've experienced. At first it felt like sensory overload, but then I relaxed and just focused my attention on things that attracted me in the moment. I'll be back to see what I missed the first time.

— Stewart Smith

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The Museum was a very cool experience. A lot of rooms and a lot of stuff to see in each of them. Each room had its own theme and looking for the secret doors were half the fun! Kept us looking and wondering around every corner. A Must See if anyone visits the DC area.

— Jacob Burchfield

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We went with a bunch of adults & children different ages and all had a great time! So much to see that it definitely requires several visits.

— Monica Mller

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I visited with a group from Loudoun County the previous week. I was so impressed that I returned Labor Day weekend with out-of-town guests. I knew they too would love the mansion.

— Kathy Weyman
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