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We had a great time - will do it again. It was lots of fun exploring and finding things.

— Denise Hart

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We loved it! Trying to find the secret doors was such a fun and engaging experience on top of seeing the design of all the different rooms. Highly recommend! One suggestion might be to add a QR code or something where guests can learn more about the history or inspiration of the room as part of the self-tour. You could also do an augmented reality version where guests have virtual "goodies" to find as well.

— Andrea Flores

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Dan is a wonderful instructor. I was amazed at how he could suggest techniques to people of all skill levels writing songs from various genres that made significant improvements while impressing to them any suggestions he made could be accepted or rejected. He encourage group participation too. I could go on forever. It was just great. As a music lover, watching the creative process unfold was just amazing. I hope you have more.

— Susie Markland

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Was very ecelectic, try to look online before you go for hints to find the rooms. They are tricky!

— Sarah Kelly - US
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