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Very cool and unique experience. Lots of fascinating history especially about the Civil Rights Movement, and it was so fun looking for secret doors in the maze-like house.

— Meredith Bird

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I had a lot of fun looking for the hidden wine cellar. I'd love to catch a live show.

— Al Laudat - Columbus, OH

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I had a lot of fun exploring the Mansion. At first impression, it was smaller than I thought. But once I started to find secret passageways and corridors I quickly realized the Mansion was much larger than meets the eye. I purchased a few items easily. I wish more of the rooms were open for exploration, but I understand that the Mansion also operates as a hotel and some rooms were closed off for guests' privacy.

— Michaela

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The museum was great fun! Lots of space to explore, & some very unique trinkets/artwork. If you're looking for a quirky excursion, this is the perfect spot!

— Luke Modlinsky - Merrimack, NH
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