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So fun! And we had to change our reservation twice and they accommodated both.

— Nathan Hasz

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This is a hidden DC gem. This last visit (of many) was my first with kids. They thought they would be bored, but their first step into the mansion changed that immediately. They were amazed that they could touch things and that they would be searching for hidden doors throughout the mansion. They ran around like little sleuths and they were excited every tine they found a new door. I have discovered something, new rooms, new hidden doors, every time I have come and I highly recommend this spot. I have not yet had a chance to do an event or a brunch here but I hope to in the future.

— Mindy Logar

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Awesome experience. We would absolutely do it again. Great dinner, great service, great adventure!

— Del Collins II

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Astounding! Creative! A "must" see and do experience. Splurge and take the private tour! Definitely worth every penny and every minute!

— Suzi
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