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I found many doors but not enough to be crowned the Grand DoorMaster of the O Manor. I will return someday and find the Door to the Infinite Childhood, the Gate of the 37 Eyes, the Gateway at the Start of the Nightmares, and the Exit Through the Gifted Shoppe.Beware! The person at the bar serves healthy pours.

— Hctor Gonzlez Hernndez

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This was a very cool place to visit. The antiques and history was fascinating, the different styles of rooms and ornate architectural features throughout the mansion were beautiful. The opportunity to find secret doors was an added bit of fun. Our group found 11. There were many rooms off limits during our visit, and it was crowded enough that we quickly started to feel claustrophobic. It made it very hard to get around and really look at much. We spent a bit over an hour there and had to leave because it was getting more and more crowded by the minute and we were uncomfortable. If the number of people in a time period were better managed we felt like we would get to see more and enjoy our time better. Otherwise it was very nice. Our your time was 11am on a Thursday.

— Nikki McCargar

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Exciting, overwhelming, and fantastical for the whole family! We will be coming back!!

— Marina del Calvo

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Go! Do this! It was truly great! Myself, my wife and our 2 teenagers all enjoyed the Mansion. The adventure of looking for the secret doors would have been enough but there is so very much more. The Mansion is filled with curiosities, hundreds of signed guitars, photos and paintings and statues and toys and furniture and waaaay too much to describe here. It is a feast for the senses. Not to mention the 2 story log cabin built inside! (We found 4 hidden doors and a secret passage in there.). The staff was super friendly and helpful and even more the other visitors were having as much fun as we were and we traded clues about hidden panels. I can't say enough good things. This is great for all ages!"

— Michael McCurry
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