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Amazing and will definitely go back to find more secret doors/rooms

— Ponnia Muyen

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From the moment we rang the bell and the door opened we were in awe. This was our anniversary event and we could have stayed all day. We loved the interaction with the staff and with Ted. We will be back often and will bring everyone we know who is coming into town from now on!! Thank you for a truly magical day.

— Josh D Miles from Freedom Alliance

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My friends and I had a great time wandering the mansion and looking for secret doors! There's so many interesting things to notice and we'll definitely be back.

— Emma Meyer

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My staff and I recently went to The Mansion on O Street to celebrate the holidays. I have hosted Christmas dinners for my staff for over 30 years; in that time we have been to many of the best restaurants in Washington, but of all of these, O Street ranks at the top. We loved it. For the better part of an hour we were invited to explore the mansion/museum and see how many of the 80+ secret doors we could find (I found four). We wandered through the three floors in total awe. Everywhere we looked were amazing displays. We spotted the black and white dress (the actual one!) that Audrey Hepburn wore in "My Fair Lady." There were guitars signed by the Rolling Stones, there was a note from John Lennon, and on and on. We were met by several servers carrying appetizer trays who pointed us in various directions. And this was all before dinner! Our table was set in a long private room with beautiful chandeliers. Our food came promptly and was lovely. The chef accommodated all of our requests -- vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, anchovy-averse, et cetera -- and it was very impressive, delicious, and plentiful. The only problem was that our room looked out on the dessert buffet -- with a chocolate fountain. We loved our dinner but we needed to assess the dessert table and give it proper attention. And we did.I do not remember a meal more filled with laughter and all-out happiness. To rate this venue, I would give the meal and the menu five stars but for the owners I would give many more stars. H and Ted were the most gracious hosts and I need to explain what they did that went above and beyond. On a rainy night I arrived with my car loaded with gifts for the staff and didn't think to mention ahead of time that I would need a valet. I handed my key to H and learned when I left that evening that she had taken it upon herself to park my car for me. Not only this but when we were packing the car to leave my battery died. Ted came out (after a long day working and a long night and day ahead of him) and jump-started my car. He could not have been more gracious. He was just wonderful.Perhaps I should have been more brief, but the O Street Mansion is one of a kind and the owners are a rare breed. Just when you think civility is dead -- you need to meet H and Ted.

— Caitrine Callison from Secondi
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