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Absolutely loved it. The best thing I have seen in DC!! We will be back!

— Drew Gies

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This is the best tour I have ever been on. My daughter and I did the self-guided tour through this amazing mansion. We loved it! Definitely one of the highlights to our trip. Fun for all!!

— Jessica Young

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Spent 2 1/2 hours poking around, having a great time. We found 10 or 11 secret doors. Would love to come again and spend the night.Great playlist.

— Amy

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Amazing mansion. Extremely friendly and engaging staff! If you view all the objects as a representation of a past era, the history the mansion provides is outstanding. What is really mystifying is how they provided plumbing to all the exotic bathrooms and kitchens in the mansion. Fascinating!

— Dr. Alex Cullison from Guidance Resources for Independent People GRIP