The Mansion on O Street

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The mansion and museum are absolutely fascinating. We were glad we had a chance to look around before the concert in a very intimate space. Kudos!

— John Belz

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The service was wonderful. Everyone was very helpful and sweet without being smothering. We had a fantastic time and will definitely be back.

— Cyrena Khoury

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The Mansion on O Street is an amazing place that offered an experience for my guest and me that could not be replicated anywhere else (in the area--or anywhere). While the "finding doors" challenge was intriguing for a while, the experience was so much more; finding a way to immerse oneself in the environment and take in the quirky stuff/decor/thematic splendor was the best part (along with the pinball machines, of course). The two hosts (who were not, to the best of my knowledge, any of the listed individuals) were gracious and helpful throughout.

— Trina Walsh

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Lightheaded and comfortable with a mix of ages helped make this a most enjoyable afternoon. Combined with the self guided tour beforehand is a wonderful way to relax and let the mind take a break from the world outside.

— Laura Pinna