The Mansion on O Street

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We the staff of Public Knowledge enjoyed our time exploring the museum! Lots of interesting items, as well as history. Enjoyed looking for the secret doors lol! You are very creative in how you place the items throughout the mansion on the treasure hunt list. Thanks for the fun experience.

— Kimberly Whitehead from Public Knowledge

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Go! Do this! It was truly great! Myself, my wife and our 2 teenagers all enjoyed the Mansion. The adventure of looking for the secret doors would have been enough but there is so very much more. The Mansion is filled with curiosities, hundreds of signed guitars, photos and paintings and statues and toys and furniture and waaaay too much to describe here. It is a feast for the senses. Not to mention the 2 story log cabin built inside! (We found 4 hidden doors and a secret passage in there.). The staff was super friendly and helpful and even more the other visitors were having as much fun as we were and we traded clues about hidden panels. I can't say enough good things. This is great for all ages!"

— Michael McCurry

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From the moment Ted stepped into the street, to him guiding me thru the back alley for private parking, to him giving information and getting my first cocktail, my experience was just plain EXCEPTIONAL. I've been traveling the world for 55 years, which includes 23 countries, and I've never been surrounded by such and eclectic gathering of memorabilia and incredible vibes. Floor after floor and room after room are loaded with the most unique and valuable treasures. The intimate setting where Jesse Colin Young played was perfect. 75 chairs filled with enthusiastic followers and first time believers.This is a MUST place to visit and support.Thank you, Ted.A memory forever.

— Skip Schlitzkus from Tropical Rain Barrels

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Warm and FUN place to celebrate friendship, life and time together. What an amazing collection of art! Thank you, Ted, for being such a wonderful host!

— Mylene