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We the staff of Public Knowledge enjoyed our time exploring the museum! Lots of interesting items, as well as history. Enjoyed looking for the secret doors lol! You are very creative in how you place the items throughout the mansion on the treasure hunt list. Thanks for the fun experience.

— Kimberly Whitehead from Public Knowledge

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Karen was wonderful & very helpful with suggestions in our search for the secret doors! .... we discovered 21 'verifiable' doors. Our group of 4 seniors had a blast for 3 hours exploring the house, and we will return. Thanks!!

— Robert Lawhead

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This was such an unexpected treat. My whole family participated. It was very fun to wander through this mansion. We found several doors but I can't even begin to image where the others are. We would love to return. Also it looks like an amazing place to host a private event.

— emma chong

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Outstanding performance by Lez Zeppelin along with usual wonderful and warm hospitality from H, Ted and the Mansion staff.

— Haynes Pryor from Haynes Pryor
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