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The Mansion truly is a way of life. We share this world, it's all about letting go. Taking risks. Opening your heart.

It's where CEOs inspire their employees. It's where business associates and friends meet for drinks and sweets. It's where artists and authors find their Muse. It's where families gather for Sunday brunch. And it's where the music plays on, beyond forever.

At The Mansion we believe if we are true to your vision, committed to your path and willing to share, we all can achieve things beyond what we know.

We encourage being yourself, support creativity and embrace passion of expression.

Of course you will want to check with your host if you are coming for a private event. So, whether it is flowers in your hair, business attire, a feather boa or your favorite sports teams colors, feel free to wear them here... all we ask is that you don't come nude!

Did you know?
One bride and groom took the metro to their party here. It was featured on the front page of the Washington Post!

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My son and I explored the mansion for two hours. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the mansion and would recommend it to anyone who likes sleuthing around. I wasn't sure we would find any doors, but we were excited to count nine doors before we finally made our way back to the main floor (one we didn't go through as it housed a creepy doll and led into the depths of the eves...) The contents and history of the mansion are impressive. Thank you for this hidden gem! I am so happy we stumbled upon this during our final day in the DC area!

— Tammy Ghizzoni
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