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The Mansion truly is a way of life. We share this world, it's all about letting go. Taking risks. Opening your heart.

It's where CEOs inspire their employees. It's where business associates and friends meet for drinks and sweets. It's where artists and authors find their Muse. It's where families gather for Sunday brunch. And it's where the music plays on, beyond forever.

At The Mansion we believe if we are true to your vision, committed to your path and willing to share, we all can achieve things beyond what we know.

We encourage being yourself, support creativity and embrace passion of expression.

Of course you will want to check with your host if you are coming for a private event. So, whether it is flowers in your hair, business attire, a feather boa or your favorite sports teams colors, feel free to wear them here... all we ask is that you don't come nude!

Did you know?
One bride and groom took the metro to their party here. It was featured on the front page of the Washington Post!

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My Christmas Party was held last week at the Mansion at O Street. In thirty-five years in business I have only returned to a venue twice for our party--The O Street Mansion was such a hit with my staff in 2019 that we came back. This is a very, very special place! The mansion itself is filled with such things as a guitar signed by all the original Rolling Stones, a Miss America tiara, and innumerable works of art. There is so much to see here, it is hard to tell if you are in a museum or on a treasure hunt. And if this didn't intrigue our group there are 80 hidden doors to find. We had 45 minutes to explore the mansion before dinner and it was hard to regroup in the dining room because we were all having so much fun.Dinner was even better than our last one here. The caprese salad was amazing and our vegetarian and chicken entrees were as tasty as they were beautiful. We had all sorts of dietary needs in our group (no red meat, no fish, no mushrooms, vegan only, vegetarian, etc etc). Our meal was planned bearing all this in mind thanks to the patience and expertise of Madison and the chef.Madison coordinated everything and could not have possibly been more gracious. She stayed until the end of the evening- a very long day for her, I am sure. She was wonderful.The chef, and the servers Luigi and Forenzio, were absolutely excellent. We couldn't have asked for a more professional staff.The geniuses behind this magical mansion, H and her husband Ted, have created magic in downtown Washington DC. Magic, joy, and a place like no other.Just go.

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