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yearly, individual:

membership to our private club allows you to entertain clients, guests, family and friends in the privacy and splendor of the mansion all year long. entertain privately, host a party or conference or get away from it all and create your own personal retreat, the mansion will be yours to explore. enjoy 20% off equipment rental for corporate retreats and much more. a one time initiation fee of $1,000 is required, along with a completed application. membership is transferable.


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share the mansion with your friends, family, colleagues and clients all year round - forever. enjoy free concerts, free access to the pool, member mixers, 30% discounts on hotel rooms and more when you join as a lifetime member. a one time initiation fee of $4,750 is required, along with a completed application. membership is transferable.

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yearly, partner/couples:

our partner/couples membership offers the same great benefits as our individual memberships with benefits and discounts that extend to both of you. These memberships are available to all partners, couples, spouses, best friends, and/or two people from the same corporation. A first time initiation fee of $1,500 is required, along with a completed application. Membership is transferable.

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winged o society:

Members of the Winged O Society are among the museum's leading supporters donating not just funds but their valuble time, providing the foundation necessary to share, build, and perserve our programs.

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Advanced Notice for Special Events

As a member, you will receive advance notice of upcoming special events, including concerts, holiday parties and more. Members receive priority seating at all these events.

Amnesia Dinners & Wine Cellar Mixers

Amnesia Dinners

With 12 or fewer participants, these dinners are the ultimate mixer ? you invite two to four of the guests and The Mansion invites the rest. Invitees cannot include significant others, family members, or business partners. Your guest list must be submitted to us to be sure there is no overlap of people or professions (only 1 lawyer, 1 in politician, 1 artist....). No politics or business will be discussed (surely there is more to life...).

wine cellar mixers:

Want to mingle with other members in complete privacy? The Mansion hosts quarterly members only mixers in our exclusive wine cellar so you can enjoy the company of all of our members.

Birthday & Anniversary Gifts

If you, your family or guests are celebrating a birthday or anniversary with us please let us know we have special gifts to help all of our members celebrate!

Complimentary Design/Art Consultation

Now our members can benefit from our extensive experience in art and interior design. Each membership comes with a complimentary yearly interior design and/or art consult for your home or office.

Complimentary Event Planner

Because The Mansion is such a unique space, we offer our seasoned event planners at no cost to you, and ensure all of your events with us exceed your expectations. No request too large no detail too small.

Custom Events

Our experienced staff coordinates every detail from flowers to specialty cakes. Together we will design the event of your dreams and ensure the success of your gatherings.

No request too large. No detail too small.

Exclusive Access

If it is late night dinner, the wine cellar, our private bar & cigars or early morning breakfast you crave, The Mansion is at your disposal.

In order to accommodate all of our members we require that you give us written notice. This allows us to check availability and helps us to respect the privacy of ALL of our members; after all, you wouldn't want other members milling around your private event. Simply submit your request - we will send you written notification of availability!

Green Policy

We are part of the solution, project planet. we strive to have a long-lasting, positive influence on the world around us, the community we live in, and those who visit. For more than 30 years we have engaged in sustainable practices that conserve natural resources and reduce our impact on the environment including decreasing energy use (there are no hair dryers in our hotel rooms) and deploying reuse programs. to learn more about our green programs please visit project planet.

Guest Sponsorship

you may extend your Mansion membership for special occasions to your family, friends and colleagues by sponsoring their event - simply let us know

Holiday Events

No matter what the occasion, holidays are extra special and memorable at The Mansion. Start a new tradition, join us for all of our holiday events or create your own private ones.

Hotel Packages & Room Upgrades

we have created a variety of member only packages featuring special rates, upgrades, services and added privacy. rates vary by room, suites and amenities. as a member your 30% discount is applied toward hotel rooms and suites. members also gain access to our member only event packages which are discounted even more. just be sure to check the member box when you make your reservation and your discount will be automatically applied.

Late Night Dining

It's hard to find great dining in the city after hours, now you won't have to worry. The Mansion offers members fabulous late night dining options. With little more than 72 hours notice you and your guests can enjoy anything from late night munchies to an eight-course meal in the luxury of your own private club. Must have an on-line reservation. Based on availability.

Library Loan Program

The Mansion is home to over 20,000 books and rare first-cut, never-before-heard recordings that are yours to listen to and read, and sometimes borrow! Need some unique music for a special event or a book you've always wanted to read? Ask us, we love to share with our members.

Membership is Transferable

we understand things change, so we have built flexibility into our membership program. if you find you can no longer use your membership you can transfer it to someone you know and trust with no penalties or extra fees.

No Minimum F&B Charge

While many clubs require a minimum food and beverage cost per month, the Mansion does not. We believe members should have the flexibility to enjoy what they want, when they want to, not based on a fixed payment schedule.

Privacy & Anonymity

What happens at The Mansions stays at The Mansion. to that end, we take your security and privacy very seriously at The Mansion. Our strict policy means that we will never share your personal information with anyone - before, during or after your visit. Simply put, no one can reach you unless they have a password (or your mobile information). This is part of our core philosophy and why so many respected business leaders, writers, musicians, diplomats, and others make The Mansion their preferred place to stay in Washington, D.C.

Weekly Events

Bring your friends, family and guests to enjoy all of these fabulous events:

On-line reservations required.

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It was really fun to try and find all the hidden doors! My family and I loved it!

— Heidi Wahl- McDonald
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