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Designed to give you time to relax, meet other members, and enjoy interesting conversation in total privacy, our Amnesia dinners allow you to connect on a different level.

With 12 or fewer participants, these dinners are the ultimate mixer - you invite two to four of the guests and The Mansion invites the rest. Invitees cannot include significant others, family members, or business partners. Your guest list must be submitted to us to be sure there is no overlap of people or professions (only 1 lawyer, 1 in politician, 1 artist....). No politics or business will be discussed (surely there is more to life...).

These dinner "rules" help ensure the integrity of the evening and enable all amnesia guests to engage in productive, thought provoking conversation.

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This is an experience that is totally what you make of it, in a really good way! We originally wanted to find all of the secret doors, but became enchanted with the experience of each room, every floor, and making sure we visited each brickstone (we almost missed one!). There is no reason to not enjoy, because it's self guided and self described. Do you want to soak in the memorabilia?, the original art works?, the design elements?, the secret doors?, the unique ambiance of each room? There's a lot to appreciate here, including the historic relevance of this location and its ties to Mrs Rosa Parks and so many other persons. And the staff are incredible and super friendly, we enjoyed talking with them! This was a fabulous, way outside the typical DC tourist destination, which made it even more special and enjoyable!!

— Lorraine Madden - Hanover, PA
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