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Wonderful experience. Amazing place-a real treasure chest. Great dinner!

— Pamela

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This experience was beyond our expectations! Great interactive fun!!

— Sharon Meacham

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I love the O Street Mansion. I had a big birthday celebration for my most recent special birthday and have enjoyed several other activities there. Yesterday was no exception. The book talk was inspiring, the authors engaging, H.H. Leonards friendly and welcoming. All the staff was friendly and helpful. I had not known about Rosa Parks' connection to O St. and was moved by visiting her room and the video that was playing in it. Thank you for all your cultural and socially-relevant gifts! Margie Lidoff, Washington D.C.

— Margie Lidoff

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This place was just a blast I mean talk about the coolest place to revisit history I got to visit with Mrs. H and I didn't know it till I left I was stoked . Every person in the civilized world should see this great treasure !!!

— Kurt evans
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