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As a private club, The Mansion provides you the freedom to choose a smoking or smoke-free (or combination) environment for your gathering — when you choose the exclusive club floor rental option. While we support the responsible use of fine cigars and cigarettes, we also recognize and accomodate all of the diverse needs of our members. To that end, we offer a state-of-the art air circulation and purification system that allows for constant clean air throughout The Mansion.

Our world class mahogany humidor, is kept at 70 degrees with a humidity level of 70% to ensure the integrity of every cigar. We have a wide variety of cigars on hand. You can also host an event with a cigar roller

Did you know?
the mansion has a wine cellar that transports you to another century?
Smoking is not permitted in bedrooms or meeting rooms, unless you have an exclusive on the entire Mansion. a fine of $1,000 will be assessed for non-compliance.

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The staff here is so friendly and wonderful. I wish I could remember the gentleman that primarily spoke to us (did the introduction, fielded questions, checked on us when we would end up back on the first floor) - he was not one of the founders/owners, but he was great! Super nice and very funny. I could have spent all day looking for hidden doors. My best friend and I were a little disappointed that we could only find about 10 doors but that's good for a first try so I can't be too upset! If I ever find myself in DC again I will definitely be making a trip back here. I'd like to try one of the scavenger hunts.

— Jessie Shourds
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