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the mansion is where ceos inspire their employees. it's where colleagues and friends meet for drinks. it's where artists and authors find their muse. it's where families gather for great food, and its where the music plays on, beyond forever.

our distinctive surroundings, superb service and exceptional fun fine dining will create lasting memories every time you visit.

our chef creates dishes that will delight your palate. using only the freshest ingredients we offer menus that include traditional favorites, vegetarian delights and recipes from around the world. we promise we will make your tummy smile. our pastry chef is rated in the top ten in the country (yum!). Need vegan, gluten free or kosher style food? No request too large, no detail too small.

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Eso remembered me from a prior visit! We love to bring out of town guests to the Mansion. It truly is a hidden gem in DC!

— Stephanie Brunhofer

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Wow. You think you know museums, but until you have been here you don't know what is still out there. This was a truly unusual and great experience in an old mansion filled with secrets and hidden doors and passages. After your welcome and orientation you set off on your own to try to find your way in all directions. Gently push a panel and you are surprised to find more. The spaces are all beautifully decorated from floor to ceilings (look up) and shelves 3 deep. The pin ball machines even work. You will get lost which is part of the fun. Fear not, sooner or later you will find a staircase or elevator to re-orient. It is easy to spend several hours, but you still won't see it all! It kinda leaves you planning for more on another visit.

— Rochelle Anderson
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