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the mansion is where ceos inspire their employees. it's where colleagues and friends meet for drinks. it's where artists and authors find their muse. it's where families gather for great food, and its where the music plays on, beyond forever.

our distinctive surroundings, superb service and exceptional fun fine dining will create lasting memories every time you visit.

our chef creates dishes that will delight your palate. using only the freshest ingredients we offer menus that include traditional favorites, vegetarian delights and recipes from around the world. we promise we will make your tummy smile. our pastry chef is rated in the top ten in the country (yum!). Need vegan, gluten free or kosher style food? No request too large, no detail too small.

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What a fun day out! For anyone willing to explore, this place is awesome. You just have to give yourself over to not worrying about the time, a map, whether you are missing something - just go with it, open your eyes, and pay attention to the incredible things around you. From floor, to ceiling, to shelf this place if filled with incredible objects. Sure, there is the famous stuff - signed guitars, famous people's photos, but we got also got excited about old recipe books, vintage hair dryers, cool shaped bathtubs and the list goes on. It was awesome.

— Anna

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So glad I decided to come here. This was a very interesting and fun experience. I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt looking for treasures! There's something interesting around every corner and in each room. The staff was friendly and helpful. This was a very unique experience. You'll definitely enjoy going

— Treca Allen
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